Women, core values, And A Guide Book For Life

The woman appears deceptively weak, fragile and vulnerable.yet is enormous vitality waiting to be tapped.Traditionally, Shakti, Power,is associated with a goddess, with the feminine. The woman plays an anchor role in keeping the family together and maintaining friction- free relationships. She is breaking stereotypes and establishing herself in erstwhile male-dominated arenas.

The woman has to balance various roles at home and at work. Sometimes she is also the sole bread-winner. Society expect her to be mature, patient, soft-spoken, gentle,warm, a picture of grace and charm.on the other hand circumstances demand that she be tough, independent, a solution provider, and leader.   

      Development of  the world has to be matched by human capital. The focused must shift from correcting the world to self-improvement. Look within. Who are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses?       

      What is the area of  your talent? Are you a mathematician , sports-person or musician? Whem you invest your time , effort and resources in the area of  your core-interest , you excel. You must be driven not by greed, but by gratitude. So in the area of  your talent, fix a goal beyond  Your selfish interests, one that serves the needs of society as well.






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