Tolerance an Important value

The word tolerance means the willingness to accept or to tolerate especially opinions or behaviour those who are not like you tolerance can be shown in many ways, on different occasions and at different times a person might fully disagree with others on any issue like religion, politics moral science atthe same time honouring and respecting these with different ideas and opinions and treating them with full dignity and Honour in the age where the electronic media has drawn us closer together into what is called a global village its benefits will only be felt when mutual goodness mutual respect and understanding prevails.
Our ill feelings hatred are taking us to the unexpected results without tolerance and harmony the lasting piece of society cannot be maintained and loyalty for each other cannot be established loyalty borns from feelings of love and affection when a person loves his country he exhibits loyalty devotion and make sacrifices for the sake of nation
If love and loyalty do not exist in the spirit of sacrifice devotion cannot be formed so it is really very important to have tolerance to run a nation or and Organisation properly

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