Thinking positive in critical situations

Thinking plays a very important role in every person’s life. Recently I have heard in a speech that when we think something it creates various emotions. These emotions directly effect working of our body. Every cell in the body is effected. When you are happy, excited, filled with love it creates positive effect and similarly when you are angry, filled with hatred it will have its own effect.
I would like to share an experience of a person. She is young, smart and good looking. She was leading a normal, happy and satisfied life 3 years before. One day she felt something in her breast. She immediately consulted doctor and got diagnosis done. Breast cancer was being detected. She herself and her family members thinking was very positive. Instead of getting panicked they were practical and thought if its cure. Every one was thinking of ways to get things to normal. They consulted many doctors and got information from various sources. She understood the whole procedure of treatment, its effects. The time that would be required etc. Her thinking was so positive that she herself was ready to cut her hair as she was aware about the hair loss during treatment.
She started a new phase of life. Thinking being positive, during the period of her treatment what ever time she had she developed her artistic skills. She started learning to paint pictures. She and all her near and dear had great will power and positive thinking. It helped in a fast recovery.
Thinking positive definitely will lead better and positive results…

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