Students and creativity

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and some how valuable is formed. To be creative it is not necessary that you must be a knowledgeable or a learner person. There are various ways to make people creative.Firstly motivation plays a vital role if a child gets motivation to try out different things without any fear plays Vital role in his personality development such children fearlessly and innovatively use there intellect to create something unique creative people in history had supportive parents determination is another factor which is  affecting creativity most of the creative works and scientific invention the result of necessity and problem solving if a child has to solve all the problems related to him without parents help he will be more creative the lines will be marked  with ertreme dedication and cycle of hard work and break thoughts as a result of determination teaching students to solve problems that do not have well defined answers in another  way to foster creativity. This is accomplished by allowing students to explore problems and redefine them to solve it.

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