Sources of creativity

Now a days it has been a necessity to prove  yourself unique otherwise you will not be able to survive in this world. So how to be unique only answer is use your intuition talk to yourself take care of your mind it is the only source of your creativity. If your mind is free to think then you can touch the sky, it is very important to keep your mind healthy free from any prejudices having no burden or pressure circumstances and problems

Second very important thing is that you must have courage to follow your mind, many people failed to do so as they don’t believe their mind . And many of us don’t want to take risks. But always remember that risk is a part of our life.One who knows to take risk never knows the defeat. You will find so many people around us who got tremendous success by only believing in oneself.But  unfortunately now now a days our students believe other sources andother sothoughs than their thoughts .I strongly realised this fact during my oral exam . Students are just by hearting   ready made topics rather than expressing their own thoughts. As a teacher We must take take  certain steps to improve it what steps we can we will discuss in the next.

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