Skills And Qualities Of Chartered Accountant

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Today We are going to discuss few skills and Qualities of a Chartered Accountant which you must start developing form today! It’s better to take multiple attempts to qualify the CA Exam rather than once you become CA and someone said that you don’t deserve to be a Chartered Accountant.

Chartered Accountants are the most reputed professionals in our society. But in order to become successful, only degree is not important. You required some serious CA skills, some ethics to maintain your position. The industry has thousands of CA’s working on average salary of 6-7 lakhs but on the other hand, there are also hundreds of CA’s charging fee for a single minute and lakhs for a single audit.

Qualities of a Chartered Accountant:-


Chartered Accountancy is the profession where the client has to disclose all his data and financial statements to the auditor. It contains various confidential information which requires not to be disclosed until and unless the law requires and this provision is also mentioned in the guidelines issued by the ICAI for its members.


Integrity refers to the honesty and accuracy. A CA has to be honest and should be straightforward while performing his duties. He is responsible to aware the management if anything comes into his notice which is false or misleading.


A Chartered Accountancy is one of the most respected position in the society similar to a doctor. When a person believes that a Doctor would not play with the health of his patient, similar belief has been seen over a Chartered Accountant, that he would not play with his client to gain an advantage.

4.Maintain Ethics

In the current scenario, where the cases like Chartered Accountants arrested during demonetization caught helping the frauds in exchanging their currency and later PNB scam like cases, some CA’s has seemed to forget their Ethics which they claim to hold. Some such cases raise finger over the Chartered Accountants Ethics and values.

Hence, this is the first and foremost priority of CA’s to uphold their strong Ethical Standards. If any work a CA being offered against his values and Ethics, he should not accept it. He should apply his professional skepticism while accepting the work, this is a quality of a chartered accountant which very few have!

5.Strong Communication Skills

A CA should know how to communicate with the client’s or how to represent in an interview or Board Meetings or Annual General Meetings. He must possess how to influence a client by presenting technical information or other financial data that a layman could understand such a thing.

6.Keep Amended

Everyone knows that becoming a Chartered Accountant is the toughest task. But no, this is just a step towards the toughest job. A Chartered Accountant requires to keep himself updated with the new and amended laws as well as keep an eye over new case laws.

7.Develop a Habit of Listening

It is the duty of a Chartered Accountant to listen properly to the actual problem of his client and take its deep analysis first. Thereafter, advice him.


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