Should Death Penalty be Abolished ?

Should Death Penalty Be Abolished??????

What is Death Penalty?

Death penalty is equivalent to taking away some ones life who has committed a huge crime, either by killing some ones near n dear ones or by being a terrorist or a rapist or a inhuman.

It seems to easy to say give a person a death penalty but it’s not that easy. A person commits a crime and do not understand the consequences of his 1 crime will shatter many lives into apart. May be some time not just few lives but may be the peace of a whole country.

Crime – An act done intentionally to hurt others, harm others make other die of pain because who commits crime gains satisfaction by doing it. Crime are of different types.

Eg. Some are done intentionally some non intentionally some even without will.

DEATH PENALTY – This is a huge step and a biggest punishment that an individual can ever have in his whole life.

This type of penalty is given when person is guilty of being in charge of a murder, rapist or being an terrorist.

Death penalty has heads and tails just like every story has two sides good v/s bad.

Death penalty is justice for many but at the same time it may not be justice for others.            Death penalty means killing some one taking away the life. People who urge for death penalty of the guilty are not wrong because they have lost their some one very special that was very precious to them and as a fruit of justice they think death penalty is good.

People miss to understand in the flow of emotion the fact that giving death penalty is as equal to splashing the blood of other on own self. By killing the guilty you are equal to be a murder, because by killing you are just going to satisfy your hearts wish but remember the one who is hone will never come back ever again even after you kill some one or hang them to death by means of the law.

Death penalty is a face with success and failure………..



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