Self study an important step

self study in which involves studyingstudying without direct supervision or attendance in classroom is a valuable way to learn we can see drastic changes and improvement in grades material understanding and confidence only with self study the benefits you can gain from self study are endless 

There are various self studying methods which you can implement at home that can bring about Many educational benefits both in and out of school

1. have a conversation a healthy conversation on any topic will make ideas clear and such knowledge can be retained for a longer time

2. Read books and articles on a topic of study or interest reading is a Highly Effective way to study

3. Watch Educational videos to keep actively engaged in a concept.

4. PlayPlay educational games there are many apps that you can access through your phone that promote learning in maths English and variety of other courses

5. Work through practice questions to reinforce skills that are learned practice questions by incorporating games rewards and challenges will be helpful in holding an attention


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