Secure way of Data transfer

Firstly I would like to thank our President Sir, Mr. Rajnikanth Shah for giving us an opportunity to open up with our thoughts.

The Advanced Encryption Standard better known as the AES algorithm is a symmetric (uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt) cryptographic technique used in most of today’s classified and unclassified data transfers. The AES algorithm provides data transfers with layers of security through its mathematical complexity. Alongside this technique of encryption, the act of concealing data within different objects is now becoming an essential component in the art of secure data transfer. This method of hiding secret messages within a file type is known as Steganography. Even though these two elements of secure data transfer differ, they both share the same objective namely to protect the integrity of the data. This paper provides an explanation of Steganography to enhance the security of data.

Respected Mr. R.R. Shah Sir Of Our Royal Junior College Of Science & Commerce would like to say Thank you for your insight, for your inspiration and for giving us creative energy to grow & do something new everyday

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