Reasons To Become Chartered Accountant

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Today we are going to discuss about reasons to become Chartered Accountant.

The Chartered Accountancy qualification opens the door to a vast range of exciting career opportunities, in every sector of business and finance, both in Ireland and internationally. Chartered Accountants are in constant demand both at home and abroad, being recognised for their technical competence, professional standards, and veracity.

Becoming a Chartered Accountant combines innovative education with mentored work experience, to produce accountants who possess a greater ability to analyse and interpret business problems and develop dynamic solutions. Perhaps that’s why Chartered Accountants have the edge over their counterparts: they rise further and faster into more diverse and important roles in organisations.

Reasons are as Follows :-

 1.The Chartered difference

We’re often asked what the difference between studying Chartered Accountancy and other accounting qualifications is. The answer is that no other professional accounting qualification provides students with the same support, structure, guidance and quality of education throughout the training process.

Every professional accountancy body in Ireland qualification requires trainees to have a minimum of 3 years practical experience – we are unique in that.

 2.Exam Success

Where other professional accountancy bodies outsource their education, Chartered Accountancy trainees benefit from classes run directly by us.

Students have greater levels of contact both with the Institute and their lecturers, both of whom work closely together to ensure the highest standards of delivery.

Other accounting qualifications often look like they have more exemptions on offer than Chartered Accountant students receive. However, this can be a misleading. We do not use exemptions to lure students to our course. Instead, we compare each third level syllabus against our own, and where they meet, we offer exemptions. Where they don’t, we don’t. This transparent approach to exemptions means our students start at the right level, and ensures that the vast majority of students pass their exams and get qualified in the shortest time possible.

3.The education programme

There are a variety of education courses on offer, with lectures held in venues around the country. In addition, our distance programme offers great flexibility for students wishing to study online and at their own pace.

Students enrolling on a regular course attend lectures for the equivalent of 4 – 5 days a month from October until May. Some venues have a mixture of evening and weekend lectures; others offer face-to-face lecture time purely on weekends.

Students choosing the distance programme will watch content online and attendance workshops for around 2 days per month.

What is common to each option is the standard of lecturing. Chartered Accountancy courses have the finest accounting lecturers in Ireland, all of whom are committed to providing the best possible education to our students. The technical knowledge gained from the course will be the bedrock of your professional career and prepare you for any role.

4.A global qualification

For an accountancy qualification to be truly global, accountancy bodies in other countries must recognise not only your education, but also the training you undertook to become qualified. Chartered Accountancy is the only Irish professional accounting qualification that has this recognition worldwide.

Determining how well received your accountancy qualification is on the global market is an important investigation which should be undertaken by anybody

5.Career path and rewards

No other career offers the mobility that a Chartered Accountancy qualification does. Today’s member takes on the role of a business advisor, who makes high-level strategic decisions, aimed at driving business, improving profit margins and increasing market share for their clients / employers.

Many Chartered Accountants also use their expertise to form their own businesses, becoming highly successful entrepreneurs.

Chartered Accountants are found at the highest level in virtually every sector from financial services and banking, to the public sector. The rewards that go with the Chartered qualification are significant. A recent survey of salaries found that 74% of Chartered Accountants in Leinster reported a stable or increasing salary over the past three years, the the average salary package for a newly qualified Chartered Accountant being around..

Morally I can say Chartered Accountants put more and more efforts to become Chartered Accountant..

We will discuss something new about Chartered Accountants in the next blog.


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