PRANA – Stress Relieving Device

The working pattern for most of the people in the current scenario includes sitting at one place for hours which leads to bad body posture there by giving strain on the muscles. This ultimately leads to several health problems related to bones and muscles. This problem can be ignored or prevented to some extent with the help of PRANA . Prana is the first wearable which monitors and tracks both breathing pattern and posture which helps one to breath and sit in a healthier way to reduce the day to day stress which we carry around. It can be clipped into ones clothing around the waste line. It continuously checks for the breathing pattern and notifies the user when he/ she is not breathing through the diaphragm. It also alerts the user about poor posture and helps him to correct it. Diaphragmic breathing is essential because generally at the time of stress our breathing switches from natural diaphragmic breathing in the belly to chest breathing. And because of breathing only from chest one may feel anxious or short of breath. Prana’s device is designed to make the user aware of these times and give many health benefits to the user.

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