Power of Creativity

All of you know that world is full of creative people. Our creative mind makes us different from other. It leads us on new and strange path. Unfortunately many people don’t dare to walk on it and most of us failed to use their imagination and creativity.Now a days as we call it a digital age we have become habitual of copy and paste.We don’t want to create anything new and unique for ourself.We want everything ready made.This habit of copying is not limited to our material life only.Now a days wehaWe  started copying dreams and ambitions too.We borrow ideas of decorating our home from internet rather than using our imagination.We are searching career options from internet rather than searching it in our interest and in our mind. Creativity is one of the important factor that differentiate man from other animals but unfortunately path of creativity is blocked by the readily available options.So let’s unblock it creatively.

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