To get best education is the prime right of every pupil but now a days it has become very difficult to get entry in XI STD of our choice college, due to the complicated, time consuming & difficult process of online admissions of XI STD.This procedure of XI online admission not only disturbs the students but it badly affects the parents daily life, routine work of Jr.Colleges & Secondary schools. According to the choice of students if they want to get enrolled in the Jr.Colleges, they have to go through the 4 or 5 rounds of online procedure of admission which is ridiculous & headache for parents & students themselves. It also creates wastage’s of time, money & energy of manpower of concerned institutions.

But if education dept implements proper system of online admission of XI process then it will be beneficial to students, Secondary schools, Jr.Colleges & Parents.

For that they have to conduct proper trainings or workshops well in advance and in suitable time-period so that maximum manpower of Secondary schools & Jr.Colleges can attend them. Proper guide lines to be given in the training programmes for avoiding confusions in the minds of students, Secondary schools, Jr.Colleges & parents. Besides that wastage of time, energy, money & every year academic Educational Loss of students can be avoided. Approximately every year 3 or 4 months educational loss occurred in this whole process.
We all Secondary schools & Jr.Colleges expect the best solutions on this complicated procedure & let’s hope for the best in future coming years in conducting XI online admission procedure, which can run smoothly and will avoid tensions of the all concerned institutions, parents & most victims’ students.


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