MATHEMATICS: A fear of young minds.


Hello all, Today I am sharing  my views on a very critical as well as the most common issue of the students specially of 10th or 12th Grade.  Mathematics was earlier considered as a subject of interest among all the students. But as years passed by it has   become a burden for most of the students. Specially for the ones those who are appearing for boards. Mathematics has now become a nightmare and the students find it easier to leave mathematics and opt for the other subjects.  But my friends, it is not the correct solution for this issue. As per my analysis, students fear maths because they find it difficult to understand the concepts, they find it tedious to memorize the formulae and moreover they are only concerned about scoring marks. Now-a days  the students are guided in such a way that they can score maximum points. Mathematics shouldn’t really be feared. In fact, its beauty and power can be appreciated when introduced and taught well. Aside from being a part of our daily lives, math is also a great tool for solving numerous real life problems. Students should be taught to understand the concept behind each and every problem and to tackle it in the shortest possible time. The students have a habit of memorizing the answers, practicing only the important questions which are repeated in the previous year question papers and because of this trend the fail to understand the beauty of this subject and  therefore they lack interest in this subject. No doubt the students who score well are always guided to practice the mathematical questions daily but this technique will simply increase their memorizing power, it will not generate interest in their minds. So we should start a  practise of generating interest for mathematics in young minds rather than helping them with a bunch of questions to score high grades.

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