Making Of An Ideal Humanbeing’ part -2

Hello Everyone! back again to elaborate on what I left incomplete in my last blog. In the present scenario, we find people with less thoughtful of others. People are more concerned with self. The elements that makes us humane are sensitivity, compassion & empathy for others is missing out in today’s generation. The genre witnesses more practical and self centered people. Therefore the essence of Respecting Others is seldom found in young generations. The value of respect for others begins at home.Youngsters are keen observers, they imitate and learn the language used by the elders at home and they apply it to the strangers as well as the people whom they know. The fact is, they are bound to get the same feedback as they throw on others. Respecting others thoughts, feelings, emotions, speech and others profession is reciprocated in the similar way. The one who respect others, will have respect for self and hence will be cautious in social networking sites when they post pics or make comments that would not damage one’s reputation. The severity of the situation is rarely understood by the youngsters. And therefore it becomes necessary to provide proper counselling to the students who are more glued to the social networking sites and believes it as a trend or highly fashionable, when admired through the number of ‘ likes’ they earn through the pics and comments they post. It’s high time to be thoughtful of the consequences that may arise due to one careless thought and action. Again if the damage is done, one should take the ‘Responsibilities of the Actions’.. Therefore it is rightly said that— Respect for ourselves guides our morals, Respect for others guides our manners.
“You Don’t Have to
Disrespect and Insult
Others simply to hold
Your own ground.
If you do,
That shows how shaky
Your own position is!

Think wise,Act wise

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