M- Commerce

What is M Commerece ?
A mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that stores payment card information on a mobile device. Mobile wallets are a convenient way for a user to make in-store payments and can be used at merchants listed with the mobile wallet service provider.

How to use ?
Videos can be used on a mobile website or application to better demonstrate an item’s key features. Mobile commerce is likely to generate more revenue with increased mobile-related marketing. For example, an online foreign exchange broker may send a link for a demo of its new mobile trading application. Mobile web page banners and videos can also be used for advertising.

There are many advantages we know like Shopping, tickets booking, banking etc. Lets c its Disadvantages
Disadvantages of M-Commerce
1. The Screen of mobile phones is generally small as compared to the computer screen and, therefore, the display of cellular gadgets may not influence the user to make the purchase.
E.g. Through Flipkart Mobile Application a customer can see several products, but the user may not decide on the purchase because of the smaller image of the product and rather rely on E-commerce i.e. computers for the better view to make a purchase decision.
2. M-Commerce software is costly as compared to the E-commerce, many retailers may not go for it, and hence the mobile users may have fewer options.
3. Poor connectivity also hampers the M-commerce to flourish. Sometimes the data is too slow to access the websites through mobile applications.
4. M-commerce, being the latest technology is struggling with its applications in terms of its graphics and the content that results in more reliance on the E-commerce applications.
5. Information shared through the wireless medium have higher chances of getting hacked. Therefore, people use more of E-commerce applications to perform the money transactions.

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