“listen our voice”,”listen youth ki Awaz”

In our fast changing business environment people are running behind money sometimes they dont understand our problems and upheavals which has been increasing psychological pressure on us so we are suffering so many emotional diseases therefore ‘we’ youth are no longer showing any interest to learn something with full desires and true hearts.
                   dear parents stop forcing your dreams on your children’ listen youth ki awaz ‘why do you directly or indirectly force the child to study subjects in which he/she has no interest.why do you wrongly believe that science
students have a better scope than humanities. forcing and putting a non competitive child into a competitive career path adversely impact the students mental and physical health,after a point,the youth tends to break-down and see suicide as an easy resort to end his/her everyday struggle with intense competition.so please try to listen their voice,don’t kill their individual existence or individuality.

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