Inner Victories —-A key to Success

Inner Success-  Redefined to Success

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Success does not mean only a large & heavy bank account or millions of followers on social media, but something more.

Success occurs when your goals and desires become a reality. Everything you need and want is already on its way, but most consider success only after it has manifested. Success is realizing that everything is already in perfect order. Success is a choice to focus on what is perfect now and to have faith in what is to come later. Success is not something you achieve outside of you; success is a realization or a perception that happens within you.

Everything you focus on will come true. Success is just seeing the manifestation of what you’ve been praying and asking for. It was always there; it was always coming. Everything you want is possible and on its way if you continue to focus on it and have faith that it will come when its time.

Success is individually, socially, culturally, and globally defined. But even so, there are still more universal truths to success than there are differences. Here are some basic understandings of success. Success is composed of internal and external components.

A simple definition for inner success is inner peace. Inner success is maintaining optimism, appreciation, and abundance in the present moment. Inner success is having a sense of completeness, certainty, and faith that everything is okay. Inner success is having compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love in every moment. And last to mention, inner success is the connection to your true self, to God, and to the Creation and Universe around.

There are determinant factors in life-those things you cannot control; and there is freewill, those things you can control. External factors represent both, what you can and cannot control. Never doubt your ability to control much more than you realize though. External factors start with your behaviors, actions, habits, patterns, routines, and move into your relationships, surroundings, and overall lifestyle. A comprehensive definition for external success starts as physical health and wellness supported by a healthy lifestyle; having conscious and valuable relationships; doing what you love and loving what you do; and focusing on the things you can control and letting go of the things you cannot. External success is also considered as personal freedom, prosperity, and wealth.

Success is not luck, fame, status, money, or appearance. Success is a choice you make inside to be true to you and live in harmony with the world. Success is a choice and it starts within. Most of us were taught that external success brings you internal success. The truth is internal success manifests into external success. You attract more of who you already are. You must be the kind of person that it takes to reach your desired level of success.

The success teachings of life are simple: love, clarity, desire, focus, faith, compassion, forgiveness, purpose, and so on.

Success needs to be experienced in all aspects of our lives — personal, mental, emotional, financial, social, and spiritual. Even if one aspect is left out, the void would continue and would be hard to fill up.

Success can be called true success when it brings lasting happiness and understanding to us, to our near and dear ones, and to our associates. A better understanding of life and a clear, calm head is the prerequisite for being successful.

success is primarily dependent on inner victories. We have to discipline our mind and train our consciousness to attain spiritual and material heights, to be aware of our inner potential, capabilities and clear guidance on which path to follow. If someone gives us step-by-step instructions to do this, all our problems will be solved. No dilemma, no multiple choices; just a direct roadway to happiness.  But life’s script is not written that way. We have to use all ingredients in calculated measures for a happy and successful life.

Most people are walking aimlessly in this world, always looking for something new to please their five senses – seeking happiness outside. External entertainment may be all right sometimes but the real treasure of peace and joy are within us.

Meditation and the practice of silence help us connect to the higher Self – the Source of all power and wisdom, from which we receive inner guidance to naturally attain that which is legitimately ours. We can then strike a balance between spiritual, mental, moral and material attainment.

It is good to make time daily to meditate on the peace and joy within. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should live a life of isolation. When you mingle with people, do so with your heart and soul so that they always remember that they met a peaceful, loving and affectionate person.

Focus your attention inward; there will be a new surge of power and strength which will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. The trouble with most people is, they don’t persevere long enough to get results; so they have problems in focusing the mind one-pointedly on a particular aspect. If muddy water is allowed to stand still for a long period, the mud settles at the bottom, and the water becomes crystal clear. Similarly, in meditation, as the mud of your restless thoughts starts settling gradually, the power of your Divinity gradually begins to reflect in the clear water of your consciousness. Clarity of thought, intuition, and discrimination are the fruits that even a new aspirant begins to reap as a result of his meditation practice.

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