Indian Education need to be upgraded VII


Good health of student does not essentially refer to the physical health. The emotional health also responsible equally in child’s life. The overall health influences the daily routine, and performance of the student in the educational. Proper support of the parents and the schoolmates are important for the students in this matter If their body and mind is in the good state, they can excel in the various aspects of life.

During the age from 5 to 15 years is ideal for building a person’s strong character, personality. All these aspect impacts on the education pattern, honesty during an exam, and attitude towards others people. Students who are in healthy mind develop good behavioral habits.

A student who is always remain present in school is more advanced than the frequently absent students. Maintaining good food and lifestyle habit keeps the students to get physically fit and builds good immunity in them. Hence, they can actively face the challenges and be in the benefited section of pupils.

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