Importance of Religious Teachings in Education

Religion has far-reaching  positive results as it teaches equality,  cooperation, peace happiness etc. Moreover, the believe in God keeps the moral fabric of the society intact which is big contributers to preventing crime and anti social activities. Teachers can relate their own experiences as well as on the experiences of others in developing a deep respect of the spiritual aspect of religion.

O e of the most common importance of Religious Teachings is that it helps students to understand the place of various religions in our society. It helps them to resolve the important questions of their own inner self and this understanding contributes to a more just cohesive society. Most importantly it promotes self awareness, respect, open mindedness appreciation, communication, walking with others and problem solving ability.

Religious Teachings makes a person who values diversity and who promotes multicultural understanding and respect. It enhances pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This further makes them capable of applying the teachings of traditions and leaders to real-life situations and the study of human rights.



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