Hope of relief-IOT

We know very well that how technology helping us nowadays.IOT is also helping in the remote monitoring of the patients. With the devices which are fitted with sensors, the hospital can get to know if there are sudden changes in the vital functions of the person and can reach out proactively. This can be a big advantage to people who are living alone. Here also, if there is a sudden interruption in the daily activity of the person, alerts can go to family members/doctors and much needed help can be provided in a short span of time. When I look around, I find most of my colleagues who work in IT Sector have parents living in other cities. This can be a great help to them;it will connect not just families, but also hearts!
In the above cases, the information collected over a period of time on the cloud can also help doctors in arriving at the correct solution as they have more data points analyze.
Almost every day, we look for our remotes and keys in our home. There are some devices which use short-range signals like Bluetooth to digitally tether critical items to our smartphone. We can get an instant alert if we just start to leave something behind. The mobile app can guide us back towards that. One can start the tea/coffee machine from the comfort of one’s bed in the morning, and run the dishwasher while struck in Mumbai or Pune traffic!
IOT is really very helpful for us,even children above 13 or 14 age can easily learn this technology. We can implement this technology at our place also,in case of any suggestion regarding to dynamic projects and research paper of iot  drop a comment.