Government steps up for the development of daughters

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Everyday now and then we see headlines of crimes against women in Newspapers and media, owing to these reasons there is a rapid decrease in female as parents are fearful for their daughters in the nooks and corner of India. Especially, in our own capital Delhi these crimes have increased at a alarming rate. These major issues have prompted government of India to take some positive steps regarding save girl child such as protection of women from domestic violence act 2005, ban of female infanticide, immoral traffic (prevention) act, proper education, gender equality, etc.

In order to protect the girl child, a Ladli Scheme was launched and implemented by the Delhi & Haryana Government in 2008. The aim of this scheme was controlling female foeticide as well as improving status of girl child through education and equal gender rights.

Sabla Scheme launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2011 aiming to empower adolescent girls through education.

Dhanalakshmi Scheme was launched in 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development aiming to provide cash transfer to the family of girl child after birth, registration, and immunization.

Kishori Shakti Yojna was launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development aiming to improve nutritional and health condition of adolescent girls.

Sukanya Samridhi Yojana was launched to ensure equitable share to a girl child by the family.

“Beti Bacho, Beti Padhao” (means save girl child and educate girl child) scheme was launched in 2015 for the welfare of women.

The saying goes “When you educate a man, you educate a man but when you educate a woman, you educate a generation”.  Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao is the social awareness campaign making the parents celebrate the birth of a baby girl instead of getting unhappy. The orthodox families of India used to go for female foeticide or abandoning the girl child, if at all she happened to be born. Social and family constraints did not allow the Girls to go to school or to opt for higher studies. Despite all the campaigning and laws framed earlier, the process continued without much awareness. However, after the new Government led by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi took over in 2014, an effective initiative with a new campaign ‘Beti bachao Beti padho’ (Save girl child, educate a girl child) has been launched by the Government of india. The social campaign aims to generate awareness and improve the efficiency of welfare services intended for girls. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme aims at making girls independent both socially and also financially through education. This approach of the Government can facilitate in generating awareness and improving the efficiency of delivery of welfare services meant for women.

On the concluding remarks, I would like to say that the government is performing its share of work, it is upto us the citizens of India to treat girls as equal as boys by their parents and give them same opportunities in all the working areas.

Few days back when I was watching a show of Dance+ on star plus with my family, a father of a girl who had performed an excellent dance on the show was having tears of happiness in his eyes as he was proud of his daughter, in this manner our daughters can make our country proud and place our country in the topmost position, except that they must be treated on par with boys.

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