Examinophobia:What is it?

If you regularly become excessively nervous before or during an exam, you may have “testophobia”. It is also called as “examinophobia” or “exam fever”.Why do people suffer from examinophobia?Is it nervousness or the pressure from others to perform better than the peers.The pressure is always on the students from their parents that they should score more marks than others.There is a constant comparison between the child and the other students.That creates anxiety amongst the child.The students get tense or start fearing from the word called exam it is because of low motivational levels ,lack of preparation and planning,high expectations from them,competition from peers. It is extremely disastrous as it affects them psychologically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.
The best way to tackle examinophobia is :to stop comparison, start motivating them ,don’t pressurize them to top in the class tell them ;it’s fine if they don’t top in the class .

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