Examination phobia,stress,fear in students.

  • Examination phobia, exam stress ,fear is a mental disorder found in most of students.but most parents and teachers do not recognize it due to ignorance.they simply assume that the child is incapable.most parents call themselves ill-fated for the entire situation and try to nurture their shattered ego.
  • Every individual has a different potential.he may be good at doing something and may be not for some other.This is what we call Talent.many parents expect more than what their children can deliver,and impose their dreams on the child.when the child is not able to fulfill their expectation,he/she is most of times embarrassed by their own parents who call them incapable.directly or indirectly they are being taunted upon.As a result,the child comes to the conclusion that if they are not able to perform to the expectations of their parents,they will always have to take the taunt and be embarrassed.As such, they are in extreme pressure during examination which actually hinders their performance.

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