Digital India? Why Digital India?

A campaign launched by the government of India named digital India campaign is to improve online framework by improving the internet connectivity, this program is to provide easy online government services to the citizens of India and also to improve the technological aspect of India by empowering internet net web in the country.

A very resourceful program, the digital India campaign was launched on 1st of July’2015 in presence of various top industrialists like Tata group chairman Cyrus Mistry, RIL chairman and managing director Mukesh Ambani, Wipro chairman Azim Premji etc at the Indra Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Delhi

A meeting was held, where various ideas were shared, ideas related to digitalization of the country, evoking internet revolution between the masses of the country. In the presence of various information technology companies, numerous events were held to wrap 600 districts of the country under this campaign’s fold.

To digitally grow the country and improve the IT institution of the country, digital India is one of the biggest steps ever taken. Worth more than rupee one lakh crore is invested to unveil this program by launching various schemes of the digital India campaign such as digital locker, national scholarship portal, e-health, e-education e-sign, etc.
Improving digital infrastructure, digitally delivering services and digital literacy are the three major aspects of digital India campaign.

This project was dearly desired for a long time that has happened as hoped now by Narendra Modi, and it is expected by to end by 2019 if it goes as per plan. To facilitate e-governance, Mr. Modi has aimed to provide better e-services, to obtain a reduction in paperwork, improve work efficiency and save time.

The major idea is to connect the rural area with urban technology, also to provide e-services to remote villages that happen to suffer a lot to do pity works which involve a lot of official work, now all this will be done at the very efficient time and at low labour just at their phone’s length. This work is monitored by Mr. Modi himself.

An appreciable effort to make this campaign is made by the chairman of Reliance group, Mr. Ambani who make a move by investing 2.5 lakh crore in the Digital India project.

The layout of the campaign was through a much-panned system of working where more than 250,000 villages and other residential areas of the country were provided with high-speed internet connections. And in this, the BHARAT BROADBAND NETWORK LIMITED “BSNL” played a very vital role. As BSNL take the initiative to provide high-speed internet to all corners of the world.

It makes health services and literacy more reachable as one can utilize e-hospital services, get online registration, an appointment with the doctor, payment of the fee, diagnostic tests online, blood checkups etc

Digitally signing the documents online is also provided by e-services.

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