Contribution of Women Consumers in Economic growth

  • What is Economic Growth ?

Economic Growth is an increase in the capacity of an Economy to produce goods and services compared from one period to another.

Economic Growth means an increase in Real GDP.  This increase in Real GDP means there is an increase in the value of National Output or National Expenditure.

  • Lord J.M.Keynes:-

         According to Keynes economies are boosted when there in a healthy amount of output driven by sufficient amounts of economic expenditure.

         Keynes believed that unemployment is caused by a lack of expenditure within an economy. Therefore consumption expenditure is very necessary to pull an economy out of recession.


  • Contribution of Women Consumer in Economic Growth.


     Women think differently from men because there are biological, neurological, and behavioural variations. These differences in turn make an impact on their buying behaviour.

    Once women identify the need of a value, their first step towards buying is information search. They want a product that meets their demands and is easy and reliable.

   The role of women in the society and their effects has changed. Most of the marketers know that ‘women are different’, but we actually need a deep rooted understanding of how and why they are different. Women Consumers plays a vital Role in Economic Growth.

Women are the sole decision makers in  most of the purchasing.

Women are most powerful consumers in the world as they control almost 80 percent of the household spending.

Women’s spending powers and influence cannot be neglected for achieving Economic Growth.


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