Cloud Computing

Mankind has been extremely benefited from the technological inventions made in the recent past. One such innovation which has changed the world is Information Technology. The influence of IT in the world is such that we rely completely on IT for almost all our requirements.

Considering the relevance of IT in the life of future generations, President Shri Rajnikant Shah Sir of Royal Junior College with the slogan “Your Vision Our Inspiration” has introduced the subjects like IT and Computer Science in curriculum of Royal Junior College for the benefit of the students of Kalyan Dombivli area. It is because of his initiative more than 2000 students from Thane District have been benefited. Now the technology has grown out of proportion which is beyond the imagination of the common people. One such new invention is Cloud computing.

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of our computer’s hard drive. Cloud is a large server on which different services and data are stored and one can access data from anywhere in the world. Best example is Google’s Gmail. Now people don’t need a higher hard disk drive, memory card on their computer or mobile. People can directly save their data on cloud with the help of internet. People can share data and information with high speed and accuracy. Clouds are essential to the earth’s atmospheric system. Cloud helps to regulate earth’s energy balance by reflecting and scattering solar radiation and by absorbing earth’s infrared energy. Cloud is self service and on demand service.

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