Cloud Computing-II


One of the best example in today’s world of Cloud  Computing is by using the Google Drive.

Using cloud computing technology we enable better organization and collaboration between students and teachers. For this we require

  1. A Google Account
  2. Desktop Google drive application
  3. Network drive mapping technology

This allows us to

  • Share files to all students computers with just an upload to Google Account from anywhere.
  • We can check our students work from anywhere by just accessing our Google Drive Account.

If student wants to discuss some topic from teacher on the cloud then the student can share a file by uploading it to the cloud. He just has to drag the desired file from the local folder and drop it in his google drive account and waits to be uploaded. The next day he will find the uploaded file in the hard drive of his computer by simply having Desktop Google drive  application  in his computer. Desktop Google drive  synchronizes a computer folder with the teachers  Google drive  account. After the synchronization, the contents of the local computer folder is an exact copy of Google drive account.

This is a very simple technique which will enable every student to automatically view the file on his computer. The map network drive command allows us to create a shortcut to a folder that exits in another computer. By this way we can manage files and sub folders contained in a folder of a remote computer as they were in our computer.

Here’s how we can create it by right clicking on My computer icon and we choose Map network drive option. In the dialog box we declare the remote computer and its folder. Using the map network drive command the teacher has to create a network drive to each students computer. Due to synchronization ,every sub folder that corresponds to each student computer has a copy in google drive also. So the file the teacher uploaded in his google drive account will be virtually in each students computer. Also this happens with just an upload from any computer or device. If student place any query then teacher will be able to see work of his student by simply logging to google drive account.

Google drive in combination with the google document application offers us even more new capabilities in teaching and learning like simultaneous collaboration sharing, performing online tests and processing their results. All these can be done with simply google drive account. Google drive is not free cloud computing software similar software solutions are one drive, copy, dropbox and icloud.

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