Clean India Green India

Firstly I would like to thank our President Sir, Mr. Rajnikanth Shah for giving us an opportunity to open up with our thoughts.

India needs the CLEAN INDIA  GREEN INDIA campaign urgently. The general state of our cities, towns, colonies, rivers, oceans, lakes, hill-stations, parks, gardens, public transportation systems, railway stations, public toilets, etc, all indicate we as a nation are not pro-cleanliness! The nation wide ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ is another proof of our apathy to the squalor lying uncleaned around us!

As the entire nation is abuzz with the cleanliness drives and campaigns under the impetus of ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ launched by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendera Modi, let’s contribute to it by making ourselves clean first. Amit Abraham has very wisely said “Clean your mind and our country will automatically get dry cleaned.“ We must ensure we become the real participant in this crusade against the dirt and squalor in
true spirit. We must start the cleanliness drive from our own home and surroundings.  Our zeal and enthusiasm for the cleanliness drive is useless, if our own home and surroundings are unclean, and we are spending hours cleaning the streets in other areas.

The best way to begin this cleanliness drive is your own room, your own cupboard, your own
toilet, your own kitchen, your own garbage. Do you keep your own room and surroundings clean? Are you able to maintain the cleanliness around you? If you really do, you feel the satisfaction and contentment of being clean! Now you can lend a helping hand and your expertise in keeping the neighborhood clean!
This is how we must go about this cleanliness drive. Remember, only a lit candle can light other unlit candles. Similarly, people who keep themselves clean and their surroundings clean, can help other people to achieve cleanliness objectives. Let the cleanliness begin at your own home! If each one starts maintaining cleanliness at his/her own home, the entire nation will automatically become clean.

The next step after maintaining cleanliness is preserving the greenery. The need of the
hour is conserving and preserving the environmental beauty and purity of the
surroundings. This task is quite Herculean. 
The only solution to the critical environmental issues is people’s mass participation in saving the environment. Mass forestation drive, and stopping the use of fossil fuels altogether can solve this problem.

There are other alternative fuels available. The government must act strictly. There should be a ban on fossil fuels. The government must create forest belt near every city or town. Toxic emissions of industries must be strictly regularized.  Installation of toxic smoke and effluents treatment plants must be mandatory at every industrial unit. With these measures strictly and immediately implemented the environmental health will improve considerably.  Unless the people
come forward, this mission cannot be accomplished. They must minimize their
carbon footprint. They must adopt eco-friendly ways of life. Government alone cannot do anything. People will have to act proactively. We must not forget that if we have to stand in the categories of advanced nations, we will have to make our country as clean and green as them.

So, let’s turn over a new leaf; let’s not make India stink and reek; let’s make it the
heaven it used to be!

Respected Mr. R.R. Shah Sir Of Our Royal Junior College Of Science & Commerce would like to say Thank you for your insight, for your inspiration and for giving us creative energy to grow & do something new everyday

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