Addiction is defined as a chronic disease of the brain that forces the person to seek out a fix for their cravings (be it drugs, alcohol, or any other substance), despite realizing that it can be harmful. Usually, the first use is the person’s free choice, however, after repeated use the brain undergoes chemical changes which then force the person to use the drug over and over again, and in most cases in a higher quantity.

Although using drugs at any age leads to addiction, researchers confirm that substance abuse at an early age can result in more serious, hard to reverse issues. Since the brain is still developing, the drugs have more powerful and more harmful effects. There are several other factors such as method of use, type, and quality of the drug, drug abuse history in the family etc., that determine how quickly and how badly a person can get addicted, however, age is one of the key factors and remains a strong indicator of problems ahead.

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