Changes I want in the syllabus of English

  • English is a global language and its importance can’t be denied as it can very well be called ‘A gateway to understanding the world’ with most research and content at the advanced level of technology as well as scientific learning are presented via this language only
    Now the question arises that how our students should be raised to that level of understanding and competence.The answer, without any arguments comes as by changing the framework of English syllabus right from the school level.So as to hone their language skills.Especially where English is learned as second language ( schoos of other mediums than English) the task may be challenging.So the learners should be given the learning opportunities as he learns his mother tongue.They should include initially a lot of listening and exposure to grasp.A balance of all the four skills should be included for Learners.students should be given more opportunities to get involve in learning process as it is a ladder for understanding. Functional grammar should be focused than formal grammar.Combined efforts of teachers and students can make language learning process easy……

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