Cardiovascular fitness-II

As discussed in the earlier post, cardiovascular fitness is very important for each and every individual. It is important because, improving cardiovascular fitness can reduce the risk of developing heart disease by increasing efficiency of heart, lungs and blood vessels. It gives many health benefits including a chance for a longer life. It lowers blood pressure too. Aerobic activities that can improve cardiovascular health are walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, rowing, stair climbing, hiking. But before starting with the exercises we need to determine how frequently and hard we can workout because, the less fit we are, the more slowly we will need to ease into the workout routine but the quicker we will see the results. Also estimate your maximum heart rate i.e. the fastest your heart can beat while exercising. It is the baseline for determining the heart rate ranges we should hit while working out. So this is why cardiovascular endurance is important and also the ways in which cardiovascular endurance can be achieved.

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