Benefits of Electronics

First of all I am thankfull to The Honourable President of the Management Shri. Rajnikant Shah Sir for motivating us and providing us with this platform to express our views.

In today’s modern world the changes are occurring very fast. The changes that are occurring in everything & everywhere around us are of course by the virtue of science.

Therefore the things or resources around us are becoming easier, fast, reliable, durable & comparatively cheaper in rate. The science has changed every aspect of our life.

Now as per the electronics is concerned, it has brought the tremendous changes in whole world & have a great impact on us which can be seen in our daily life routine right from wake-up in morning up to get on the bed at night.

The things or devices that we are using, are mostly the electronic or electrical, like mobile, TV, microwave oven, computer etc. and we have discussed above are only the general and essential things without which we cannot even imagine our daily routine life.

Now if we asked the question that, what makes the things better? And the answer will be simply “the electronics”. But now, another question arises in our mind is that what makes it possible to happen in these devices? And it’s answer is “the electron”, hence the name “electronics”.

Thus all things are possible due to the movement or the flow of electrons within the material. It seems like to be the whole world is shrinking in the small tiny particle “the electron”, which is present in every matter or material present in the nature.

Again there is another world of 0’s and 1’s which is dominating very fast the Digital electronics. As 0 & 1 are the digits, hence the name digital electronics. And by the virtue of this technology, the electronic devices are becoming smaller and smaller with better reliability & same strength or capability.
Electronics has the great importance in our life & hence it is most important necessity and unavoidable part of life.

Thus due to such great importance, increasing popularity and use of electronics it has now became necessary to have the minimum or basic knowledge of it. One of the best way of getting this knowledge is the great start from the students or new comers.

Therefore MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF SECONDARY & HIGHER SECONDARY EDUCATION has designed a syllabus in such a way that, the student can get the necessary information, knowledge and overall idea about this electronic world and introduced a subject “BIFOCAL ELECTRONICS”.

Respected Mr. R.R. Shah Sir Of Our Royal Junior College Of Science & Commerce would like to say Thank you for your insight, for your inspiration and for giving us creative energy to grow & do something new everyday

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