Healthy lifestyle for teachers. .!!

As in my previous post I focused on healthy tips for teachers. .now also I’m relating with healthy lifestyle for teachers. .

Lifestyle is a term that refers to the way people live in their day to day lives,their activities,habits, values and attitude. It includes food choices, sleeping patterns, physical activities and exercise,immunisation and coping with stress among others.

There is a strong relationship between lifestyle and health. Both are proportional to each other. The type of lifestyle one leads, affects their health, an inappropriate lifestyle causes chronic diseases. .

A teachers profession involves alot of hard work. Most of their days require high amount of energy,pre preparation for all their classes, patiences..etc etc..though working hours end depending on the schedule,their work does not….

Preparation for the next days class, correction of note books and answer scripts, occasionally organising for an event or function in college and work back home,are constant..this regime eventually takes a toll on their health. .

Like in any profession, healthy body and mind promotes better job productivity. .

Soo eat healthy and stay fit as all our teaching profession needs.. . Read more about Healthy lifestyle for teachers. .!!