Attitude of youth towards coming election’s. …

Good morning all.,

From last 15 to 10 days ,I’m observing youth attitude towards elections.The following statements I heard from the youth is..

“I don’t care about politics.”

“It’s just so boring.”

“It doesn’t affect me.”

“They’re all corrupts.”

“Nothing will change so why bother.”

All of the above statements are things that have been said to me when I ask youth generation. I try to explain how politics affects us all,in everything we do,from what we learn when we go to school,to where our taxes go,to how the rest of the world sees us.. That usually doesn’t change the response I got..It was very sad situation for me…

Youth, who should be the most important participants in the Indian Democracy , are mostly absent from the Daily discourse on democracy. ..

Since the politicians would do nothing to inform the youth about the socio-economic problems facing the nation today and only exploit them,…

It is the responsibility of civil society organisations and the media to educate young people. .as their votes matter a lot for development of the country. .

So its kind request to all give little bit knowledge to our youngsters related to elections..

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