Article 370 for the people of Jammu and Kashmir?

What are the pros and cons of Article 370 for the people of Jammu and Kashmir?

Pros of the article 370 :

1 . No outsider is allowed to purchase land in Jammu and Kashmir .

2 . It’s difficult for outsiders to establish business in Kashmir , so the citizens of Kashmir get an advantage here as there is less competition and more opportunities for the citizens .

3 . Unlike Delhi NCR , there is no population blast in Kashmir because of low settlement of people of other states in Kashmir .

4 . Local brands are still running .

5 . Low crime rate ( but high terrorism ).

Cons of the article 370 :

1 . Lack of medical facilities because there are less private hospitals and the condition of government hospitals are poor .

2 . Due to lack of employment , youths enroll themselves in terrorism .

3 . No industrial sector available .

4 . Corruption is more in J & K than from other states

5 . Only Muslims can become Chief ministers of J & K . So the politics is run in the name of religion there .

6 . Poor education and low GDP .

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