Are we Forgetting Correct English??

Speaking English is a trend and the need of the hour. English language has acquired global status. English has become the medium of communication with various nations of the world. But one should also understand that it is equally important to speak grammatically correct English, with correct pronunciation. Previously more stress was given on correct English but now English is spoken using different accent and pronunciation. Even the spellings greatly differ now, than what we followed the spelling in British English. Style of speaking and writing has immensely changed. Now what we follow is American way of speaking, with difference in spelling. The fact of the matter is, we are confused in identifying the correct spelling of the words and today’s generation adopts what is trendy and fashionable. They are unaware and has little knowledge when it comes to writing skill. They prefer using short words or just two or three alphabets to denote a word, while writing essays & letters, as they have hands on such kind of writings, how they write in WhatsApp messages which are considered as trendy. Majority of the students do not know the correct word and spelling and how to use that word in the sentence. Accuracy is equally important than just being fashionable. Speaking and writing with accuracy helps in correct self-expression, and misinterpretations can be avoided. Therefore it is always advisable to speak simple but correct English.

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