Abbreviations for 12th std IT students

1 ACL Access Control List
2 ADO ActiveX Data Object
3 AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
4 API Application Programming Interface
5 ASP Active Server Pages
6 B2B Business to Business
7 B2C Business to Consumer
8 C2B Consumer to Business
9 C2C Consumer to consumer
10 CGI Common Gateway Interface
11 CLR Common Language Runtime
12 CLS Common Language Specification
13 CSS Cascading Style Sheet
14 DBMS Database Management System
15 DCL Data Control Language
16 DDL Data Definition Language
17 DML Data Manipulation Language
18 DOM Document Object Model
19 DSN Data Source Name
20 E-Commerce Electronic commerce
21 EDI Electronic Data Interchange
22 E-Market Electronic Market
23 FCL Framework Class Library
24 GIF Graphics Interchange Format
25 HTML Hypertext Markup Language
26 HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
27 ICT Information and Communication Technologies
28 IIS Internet Information Services
29 IPSEC Internet Protocol Security
30 ISP Internet Service Provider
31 JDBC Java Database Connectivity
32 JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
33 MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
34 MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
35 MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group
36 NaN Not a Number
37 ODBC Open Database Conectivity
38 OLEDB Object Linking and Embedding Database
39 OOP Object Oriented Programming
40 PNG Portable Network Graphics
41 RDBMS Relational Database Management System
42 SQL Structured Query Language
43 SSL Secure Socket Layer
44 TCP Transmission Control Protocol
45 URL Uniform Resource Locator
46 W3C World Wide Web Consortium
47 WMIS Web based Mass Information System
48 WWW World Wide Web

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