Here i am sharing some important information about satellite communications

A satellite is a body that moves around another body in a mathematically predictable path called an Orbit. A communication satellite is nothing but a microwave repeater station in space that is helpful in telecommunications, radio, and television along with internet applications.

repeater is a circuit which increases the strength of the signal it receives and retransmits it. But here this repeater works as a transponder, which changes the frequency band of the transmitted signal, from the received one.

The frequency with which the signal is sent into the space is called Uplink frequency, while the frequency with which it is sent by the transponder is Downlink frequency.

The following figure illustrates this concept clearly.


Satellite Communication − Advantages

There are many Advantages of satellite communications such as −

  • Flexibility
  • Ease in installing new circuits
  • Distances are easily covered and cost doesn’t matter
  • Broadcasting possibilities
  • Each and every corner of earth is covered
  • User can control the network


It works on Kepler’s 3 laws


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